Saturday 29th April
& Sunday 30th April 2023

Join us for an unforgettable experience - Festival gate opens at noon

Health & Safety

Festival Conditions of Entry plus Health and Safety issues

To assist with your enjoyment of the RossBeerFest-2023 please note the following conditions of entry, plus health and safety issues
These help us to provide the best environment for all staff and visitors

•We reserve the right to refuse entry
•No alcoholic drinks will be served to anyone appearing to be under 18, unless proof of age can be given

•Please make yourself aware of the fire exits when you first arrive
•In the event of the need for evacuation of the site, please leave in an orderly fashion via the main entrance gate or over the bridge, proceed to the large field outside the event area or to the camping field
•As with the latest legislation, there is a total no smoking policy in all tents and marquees

•Everyone will be holding a glass, so lookout for breakages and if you break a glass please advise a member of staff immediately
•Drink sensibly - Some of the beers are very strong!!
•Alcohol can decrease awareness, so please take care moving around the area, especially after dark
•Keep well away from the river

•Please help us keep the place clean by using the litter facilities provided

•Use the designated car parking areas and not the approach roads. Parking is free of charge
•Please don't drink and drive