Saturday 30th April
& Sunday 1st May 2022

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About Us

Due to the continuing evolution of the current Covid-19 pandemic it was pertinent to postpone the scheduled May 2021 RossBeerFest this year.
In considering the demographic of the majority of those who physically assist to run RossBeerFest and for those who would traditionally attend such an event, each respectively represented an unacceptable high risk of contracting Covid-19 or possibly of unnecessary spread.
Therefore attempting to run any such event at such a challenging time for many would have contradicted the spirit the RossBeerFest intends and draw unwelcome negative publicity.

This decision unfortunately represents the second consecutive year of postponement for the RossBeerFest which traditionally for both Ross Rotary & Lions clubs form a significant part of monies received and of which the majority in return goes back into supporting those of most need within our local & surrounding communities.

However we are planning to be back for Early May Bank Holiday 2022!
We wish everyone continued health, and look forward to running the next RossBeerFest.

Best wishes
Mike Nelson
RossBeerfest 2022 Committee Chairman

Breaking News

  • 14NOV21 On-Line Ticket Sales  : On-Line Store open
  • 11NOV21 First band confirmed : The Alcohoustics
  • 31OCT21 Website version2 released : RossBeerFest 2022
  • 23OCT21 New look website development : RossBeerFest 2022