Saturday 29th April
& Sunday 30th April 2023

Join us for an unforgettable experience - Festival gate opens at noon
About Us               Introduction by the                                                                                                          RossBeerFest-2023 Chairman                                                                                                                            23rd November 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to chair the planning Committee for what will be the next Ross Beer & Cider festival in 2023  

This will be the ninth beer & cider festival hosted by both Ross Rotary & Lions clubs and is scheduled to run over the weekend of Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April 2023

For anyone who has not attended one of the previous festivals, we aim to provide a wide selection of beers and ciders over the two-day period at the same time provide excellent musical entertainment by many local and regional bands and artists  

We continue to receive extremely positive feedback on both the range of beers and ciders and the quality of bands invited to perform, it has proven to be a great day experience

I feel it important within this Chairman letter to provide some examples of where monies raised by previous Ross Beer Cider Festivals have been allocated, it is a very extensive list but I wanted to highlight just a small number of examples for your awareness

Using the RossBeerFest-2023 Ross Beer & Cider Festival monies raised, both Rotary & Lion clubs have been able:
·         Support local Ross on Wye charities and food larders
·        Fund new defibrillators for local sports clubs
·         Provide new wheelchairs to specific individual children, as well as help fund              children attend theatrical groups promoting self-confidence and well-being
·         Fund basic hygiene packs to Ross on Wye hospital for patients admitted on                an emergency basis
·         Provide Christmas hampers to less financially affluent families concurrent                 with providing Christmas day meals to elderly
·         Help fund the first aid responder vehicles & certain medical supplies which                may be used across many local events
·         Help provide the funds for fuel & drivers to hospital appointments for many               local people
·         Help fund drivers and mini-buses to enable a selected number of physically               impaired children attend scheduled regional sporting day events
·         Help fund & support Ukraine refugees within the local area

These are just some examples of the causes which both Rotary & Lions clubs support, none of which could happen without everyone who not only attends the Ross Beer & Cider Festivals, but also the many volunteers, friends and family members who kindly give up a lot of their free time

It is greatly appreciated, so I thank you

  It only remains for me to extend the warmest of welcomes to the RossBeerFest-2023 , which I hope again will continue to be a tremendous day out to enjoy with friends and family

See you at RossBeerFest-2023!

Best wishes,  Mike Nelson
RossBeerFest-2023 Chairman
23rd November 2022

Breaking News

"Brilliant weather attracted an exceptional volume of attendees"

RossBeerFest-2022 Feedbacks received

In answer to the two main feedbacks received
"Not all beers available on day 2 " & "long waiting time for toilet usage"

Lessons Learnt - Planned for RossBeerFest-2023

Site layout change to improve visitor foot flow, additional visitor comfort facilities and provision of extra storage to ensure consistency of supply

Beers, Ciders & Prosecco listing
Bands Scheduled & Sponsorships release
OnLine Advance Sales Ordering available from 15th January
Entrance fee for RossBeerFest-2023 will be £10 per adult
(the fee includes: entrance, festival guide and souvenir take home glass)
We advise the purchase of festival entrance in advance

  • 15JAN23 Publish website : changes received to date & open online ticket sales
  • 12JAN23  Committee meetingDiscuss budget/insurance & reports, all on schedule
  • 30NOV22 Publish website update : RossBeerFest-2023 changes received to date
  • 24NOV22 Committee meeting Discuss area leads status reports,  all on schedule   Next committee meeting 12JAN23 and subsequent visit 13JAN23 to Rowing Club (to be confirmed)
  • 08NOV22 Site meeting : Rotary, Lions and Rowing club discuss site developments
  • 20OCT22 Committee Meeting : confirm roles/responsibilities and area leads
  • 22SEP22 Kick-off meeting RossBeerFest-2023 : agree committee structure